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Maryland’s step backwards in criminal justice for kids | READER COMMENTARY

Published May 15, 2024

By Dr. Anna Rubin

The Baltimore Sun

Nicole D. Porter’s recent commentary correctly nailed why the terrible legislation on criminal “justice” recently passed in the Maryland General Assembly and fails to provide safety or justice, particularly with regard to children (“Maryland lawmakers worsened criminal justice in three ways this year,” May 10).

Gov. Wes Moore should have vetoed House Bill 814, a hastily cobbled-together bill. I’m particularly confused and saddened by the difference between Moore’s campaign rhetoric (“No child left behind!”) and his support of a bill that allows 10-to-12-year-olds to be incarcerated for minor offenses and put in jail before court, rather than giving them and their families the therapeutic and educational support that has shown to work.

Governor Moore should be ending archaic policies like automatically charging children as adults, rather than supporting legislation like H.B. 814. He can do better and we need better policies for a safer, more just Maryland that cares about all of its children.

— Dr. Anna Rubin, Columbia

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